THIS FEATURE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED! This means that it may be removed in future versions.

Authologic API allows you to pass the hints field. This is a structure that specifies additional information that is used to optimize or configure a query.

Configure a query

At this point, you can use the hints field to pass an user’s email address and telephone number to the strategy that allows them to be verified. If the request contains the appropriate field (PERSON_CONTACT_EMAIL or PERSON_CONTACT_PHONE), the process will skip asking the user for a phone number or email address and will use the one entered in the hints field. Example:

Example of creating a conversation
  "userKey": "7dfb9ded-c38f-49ae-95e2-307283a0b1f6",
  "returnUrl": "{conversationId}",
  "callbackUrl": "https://system.acme.test/private/identity/{conversationId}/callback",
  "strategy": "public:b",
  "query": {
    "identity": {
      "requireOneOf": [
  "hints": {
    "uncertain": {
      "person": {
        "contact": {
          "email": "",
          "phone": "+4811111111"

Optimizing a query

The hints field can also be used to pass user data that you know is true (hints.known) or which are not certain (hints.uncertain). In some cases, Authologic may use them, e.g. when there is uncertainty as to the value of a field in a scanned document.

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