In some cases, it may be important to know in detail why the verification was considered unsuccessful. This is especially important when verifying with a photo of an ID document. The photo may be blurry, in which case it is worth repeating the verification. The reason for the refusal may also be an invalid document, in which case repeating the verification is pointless.

Authologic executes this scenario, returning a failure cause list as a result. Example:

Sample response containing the list of verification errors
  "id": "2161d11b-24ff-1430-8635-e3d4dc138fff",
  "userKey": "ff97b4cc-81f4-413a-8bab-d0bd89da9a1f",
  "url": "",
  "status": "FINISHED",
  "result": {
    "identity": {
      "status": "FAILED",
      "errors": ["SCAN_DOCUMENT_NOT_DETECTED"],
      "user": {}

In the given example, we could not find the document in the photo.

Authologic returns the following grounds for refusal:

The reason list depends on the verification method. We are also constantly working on identifying further reasons for refusal, so you should not assume in your code that this list is final.

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